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About Us

Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises
-Greek statesman and orator of ancient Athens, Demosthenes

The statement throws light on the fact that there is a beginning to every thing. we at myslate believe that big things have small beginnings and thus our motto stands on principles that every successful organization has a strong foundation. success does not come free and it is essential to have a perfect combination of connectivity & flawless organization. myslate promises to deliver immaculate information based on consummate knowledge and information.

How we started?

Myslate was founded by an I.T professional Mr Sandeep Sana – a computer science graduate from the university of Southern California Los Angles and Potnuru Navtej – a Master in Business Administration from Gitam Institute of management Visakhapatnam. Who were always been a visionary did not confine their knowledge to mere books and academics. They believe that true success lies in extending aids to the needs of the society. The knowledge imbibed by them was inculcated to develop an eco-friendly software and product to save the country from resources and to develop Indian digital market.

Sandeep Sana who believed in thinking out of the box, was awarded 1st prize in USA YPO 2012 event, he along with his professor Joshua Junker and a friend Branden Warner set a benchmark with their innovative business ideas which not only won them accolades but also an inspiration to venture into a new world of entrepreneurship Myslate noble efforts were recognized by few people who decided to extend their hands towards completion of his task. Myslate opened its arms to new members 1) Ms Sonalisa Patro who holds a Post Graduation degree in MBA in Marketing & HR from Gitam University, Visakhapatnam. 2) Mr Shivam Agarwal who holds a master in business administration degree in finance from IIBM Mumbai. The quad then set off on a journey for the better tomorrow.


As long as you’re going to be thinking anyway, think big!!

Sandeep Sana

Leads the engineering and product development team for achieving the visions and mission of Myslate. Mr.Sana visions Myslate as a pioneer in defining the future of education through innovative Myslate Tech and Services like Myslate Campus. Previously worked at AMAZON & TESCO INDIA, as an software developer in network operations. He holds a computer Science degree from Sathyabama and engineering Post- Graduate from University of Southern California.

Navtej Potnuru

Leads the operations and business development team for achieving Myslate vision and mission. Mr.Navtej visions Myslate becoming a global tech framework and servicing all fields around the world. Previously worked with ICICI Securities and Sri Kanaka Durga Industries as Financial Advisor and Board member. He holds a Computer Science degree form Sathyabama University and MBA degree from Gitam University.

Sometimes you need to be little aggressive in nature in order to come up with a solution. Through weakness, often you can't make the right decision. Because of my aggressive nature i often get things done,..And in the end, Everybody likes me & appreciate my efforts & results!!

Whenever an individual or a business decides that success has been attained, progress stops.

Sashank Sanka

Leads the engineering and product marketing team for achieving the visions and mission of Myslate. Mr.Sasank visions Myslate as a pioneer in defining the future of education through innovative Myslate Tech and Services like Myslate Campus. Currently a student at Andhra University, as an Financial Marketing Student as a MBA Graduate. He holds a computer Science degree from SRM University, Chennai.